Meet the Team

Paul, Louise, Karen and Amber at the Pride of Medway Awards 2020

Paul Harper Leader/Chairman

I have over 18 years’ experience working with Autism and Disability, from being involved in government work programmes to working in a Disabled school and running social clubs. I like to get involved with the families and adults, making them laugh and getting them to join in. I also like to help others, if I don’t know something I will find it out.

Karen GillinghamDeputy Leader

I have over 20 years’ experience working with children, teenagers and vulnerable adults. I am a mother of five Autistic teenagers and young adults. My eldest is 22 years old and my youngest being 14 years old, they all attend puzzles. I adore puzzles meets on Friday with our members for our various activities and watching the smiles, laughter and growth of all our members, in a safe and friendly environment

Louise HarperSecretary/Membership Officer

I have 3 children aged 19, 13 and 9 on the spectrum, so have a lot of personal experience with this. I like to get involved in the activities that our members take part in, giving them support and confidence to try new tasks. It gives me satisfaction to see everybody flourish and enjoy taking part in our events. Through Puzzles I have seen members gain so much and have also met many new friends.

Maxi CardEducation Co-Ordinator/Facilities Co-Ordinator

I am a single parent to two boys, one has ASD and the other complex needs. I have 22 years’ experience with ASD as a parent/informal carer. I have qualified in Adult social care level 2 and connect 5 trained. I have been volunteering with Time to change, which is running a campaign to change the stigma around mental health. I am also a Better Medway champion and regularly take up training courses. I enjoy watching our member’s personality’s show as they take part in the various activities we run.

Joe GillinghamTreasurer/H&S Officer

I have held a number of positions in the health and safety profession. I was asked to be the treasurer and health and safety manager for puzzles by Paul Harper and my very persuasive wife Karen. Puzzles has changed my life and my view on autism and special needs. They do a fantastic job and I look forward to many years of enjoyment and fulfilment. Stay safe!

Emma InchSenior Support Worker

10 years working on government work programmes supporting vulnerable people. Outside of work I’m a complete nutter who comes with no young people of my own. I really look forward to Friday nights, to help make it happen for our fantastic special people

Tracey ReaSupport Worker

I work for a childrens charity in Kent, where I get paid to play games and act a fool. Officially I’m a youth worker trained in positive behaviour and work with children with special needs either groups or 1-1. I love tea and cake but hate spiders and snakes. I also do public speeches about bowel disorders.

Andy Jackson – Support Worker

I have had many years experience working with disabled people in sport. I have links with Much Laughter which is a charity that puts on comedy nights to raise money for local charities and raises awareness of FASD. I am on the Autistic spectrum due to having FASD myself.

Amber GillinghamSupport Worker

I volunteer at puzzles to work alongside children and young adults to help engage with the world around them and enable them to feel understood and cared for. I have a level 3 diploma in early year’s practitioner. I am trained in understanding autism. I am one of the 5 children we all have an autistic spectrum disorder. This enables my understanding when volunteering with young adults and children with additional needs. I am health and safety trained alongside safeguarding aware. I love to work with my puzzles members to ensure opportunities for them. I am so proud to be a young volunteer helping others enjoy themselves freely.

Maxi and Tracey Margate 2019
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